Our Story

It began with a mission

To create products with clean safe ingredients to give people brilliant hair.

Named after one of the founders, the Dr. Watson’s products are manufactured by Vanadis Labs. Vanadis was created with the vision of making hair, cosmetic and make-up products safer through enabling scientific testing.

FDA contractor

development of tests to detect harmful ingredients in cosmetics

In 2014 Vanadis Labs began working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to develop tests that could determine if harmful latex antigenic proteins were present in several types of products found on the shelf in major retailers. These products included hair bond adhesives, eyelash adhesives, liquid eyeliners, hair replacement adhesives, face and body paints, and stage cosmetics. 

Peer Reviewed Results

Harmful allergenic proteins detected in 58 of 75 products identified by the FDA

After 6 months of product testing, the results were shocking:  Over 75% of the products contained harmful antigenic latex proteins and several even made explicitly misleading claims of safety or being

After discovering the poor level of safety in the consumer marketplace, Vanadis Labs committed themselves to creating a line of products that
would have clean ingredients and lived up to their claim of being safe. Vanadis Labs’ mission evolved into Engineering Clean Hair Care that NEVER contains parabens, petrolateum, phthalates, sulfates, or latex. After working for 2 years and experimenting with over 300 different formulations, Dr. Watson’s was born.